Education in the Paranormal


  There is a large misconception that paranormal societies have a relationship to Witchcraft or Negative Religious beliefs. Truth is, the World of the unexplained has no association to any preconception of a specific belief system rather, the Paranormal is a quasi-scientific approach to understanding events that modern society cannot explain. Our Parapsychologists focus on issues related to matter of Clairvoyance, Esp., Telekinesis and so on. 

Every now and then during our investigations we often experience events that cannot be explained (at the moment) and until we fully explore the evidence, it would be hard to render a conclusion. Often times these events may take days, months and even years to explain. 


HAUNTINGS vs. PARANORMAL and is there a difference?


 We've looked into the question and although opinions vary, it is our opinion that the difference remains true. We see video evidence which opens the doors to the unexplained and although many of them are hard to believe there are some questionable and authentic ones out there... A chair sliding across the floor or tables being stacked up to the ceiling is one level of Poltergeist mischief. Where a Paranormal event is a basic study into an advanced conclusion of the unexplained. 


Education is the essential key to the balance and well being of life if you happened to be experiencing paranormal activity. Contact us with your questions and together we may just be able to figure out how to bring back that balance together.