Does this Worldly place really exist? The answer is, yes.

We begin thousands of years ago in and out of Biblical doctrine. Many individuals have written, drew pictures and wrote songs about the darker side of the heavens. So, what is a demon? 

Perhaps demons are a form of an Angelic beings that had never obtained a physical temple such like ours at birth. They have a specific agenda which entails hatred, sorrow, jealousy and the collections of souls.

These are classified as Evil-Entities or Negative Energies. Not all spiritual activity is Evil as we have witnessed the love and compassions from friends and family members who have passed into the other-side. 

  It is our concerns that today's youth are increasingly interested in this dark side not knowing what awaits them and them not being educated enough to know better. We do not advise any person to initiate any practice related to ritualistic demonology or dark craft demonology unless you are fully equipped with the necessary tools and education on the subject.