About What We do.

The Crosswinds Paranormal Research Society [CPRS] is a local Northern Colorado NON-Profit organization dedicated to helping others understand the World of the Paranormal and Supernatural.  We and our associates are focused on Nationwide Investigating and data research associated to History, Land, Cultural Practices, Tradition and Insight. We are ready to listen and learn from your experiences and will be there to lend a clear answer so that balance and health can be re-obtained.

We operate our investigations through the generous donations for the research and education.  Thank you all very much for your contributions. We hope that understanding the World of the Paranormal is as magnified in your Hearts as it is ours. Without your generosity, it would not be possible. If you or somebody that you know is having difficulties in this subject matter, please feel free to contact us at: (970) 503-5509 or email us with you issue. We are confidential and would be happy to help where we can.

 As a research team, we are able to put together historical research associated to either your business, home or land. It should be paramount for record keeping purposes to understand where, what, how and when the history had begun. It is our intention to build a Nationwide Team of highly skilled professionals to gather the correct data for your records.

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